Contact us by telephone or email and provide us with an initial outline of your situation, the parties involved and your objectives.

STEP 2 - Initial Consideration

If we have no conflict of interest, with any of the other parties involved, we will collect all the relevant documents from you, for our initial consideration.

This can be done by meeting in conference with us and dropping the documents off to us, or by emailing the documents to us in PDF or word formats.

STEP 3 - Provision of a Costs Estimate and Costs Agreement

If the legal services required from us exceed $1,760 we are required to provide you with a standard New South Wales Law Society costs estimate and a costs agreement before we commence any work for you.

If your matter is not straight forward, we will for complicated matters, charge you a fee to provide you with an initial advice as to your options and our legal opinion as to how you should proceed.

Step 4 – Formally Engage us by Signing and Returning the Costs Agreement to Us

You formally engage us by signing and returning our costs agreement to us and once we receive this from you we commence work on your project.